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Hello Kitty is NOT a cat. She is a little girl. And she's coming to SPC!

Super Phantom Cat 2 (Free) gracefully leapt onto the App Store this past August, and while the original game was one of our most favorite mobile platformers, this sequel was an improvement in just about every way.

The graphics and especially the animations are much better, there are loads more playable characters to unlock and use, and there are a bunch more special abilities to utilize as you work your way through each level. Levels that are absolutely stuffed with secrets.

Super Phantom Cat 2 is simultaneously a dream come true and a nightmare for completionists such as myself. Anyway, we, as a developer have been great about adding new content to the game following its release, and today’s update is perhaps its biggest yet as it stars the world’s most famous cat little girl Hello Kitty.

Hello Kitty comes with her own set of special levels, with more planned to be added soon, as well as a variety of different outfits you can unlock by collecting special resources in the game. Yes, there’s an entire mode devoted to playing Hello Kitty dress-up in Super Phantom Cat 2 now.

If you like platformers but haven’t checked this one out yet, I totally suggest downloading it for free and giving it a spin. It’s pretty free to play’d out, but there are several IAP options for removing ads and getting unlimited energy so you can premium up the experience quite easily. It’s one of the better platformers on the App Store so be sure to give it a look whether you’re super stoked about the Hello Kitty collaboration or not!

Check out this Hello Kitty update trailer below:


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