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So we’ve hit August, and rolled in further with the development into Neon Abyss with monsoon rains outside. If you’ve been following us on social media, you can always one or two glimpses of our progress.

As we venture further into the development, the roadmap gets intense, interesting, hard and creative. A lots of ideas pouring in within the team, and well of course a lot of feedback from community.

We’ve already moved ahead from conceptual designs to a concrete game design process production. This would mean we’re designing monsters, levels, worlds, characters etc. We’ve also shifted our Art direction from 2D to pixels. This means we’re designing monsters, characters, props, weapons, animating all the elements and integrating them into the game, and testing them.

In short, we’re actively closing in to wrap up our first playable demo for the game.

We’re building levels which are procedurally organised each time you die. We’re adding weapons, especially guns which are god fearing and titan killing. We want the weapons cache to give a bigger feel to indie games like Enter the Gungeon. We’re also adding secret rooms, props which can be combined in unique combinations. These combinations create volatile effects and results, but are always a surprise and you would never know what would happen next!

All in all, we’re moving forward at god’s speed. Soon we’ll be ready to talk and show more about the game. We’re planning to release the game by March 2019, and then participate in quite a few exhibitions. So keep an eye out!

You can certainly sign up for the new letter, and follow us on social media for other news on our other upcoming games.

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It looks interresting. Seems to be coming along. Do you have ideas to battle demons? And have a damsel in distress. How about the idea of castles and unicorns? What if you added knights? And forests with hut like abodes for the fighters? Just a fantasy idea I have. What do you think? Good luck with your undertakings.

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