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So it’s been quite a while since we have had much updates on our current or future projects. Perks of being an indie studio. Or not.

But much has to be attributed to the success of Super Phantom Cat 1 & 2 which lead the team to imagine and create another brand new IP, and more importantly, a new experience.

After months of analysis, research and those long hefty meetings, we thought of creating something quite new, yet with a hint of our old experience.

And we’re more than happy to inform that Veewo Games is currently developing a mythpunk rogue-like action platformer. Say hello to NEON ABYSS!

With heavy roguelike elements, the main protagonist would set foot into in a modern collapsing underworld with high Greek mythology elements.

You would take up the role of a bounty hunter, achieving supreme powers, and ever growing character and weapons. The weapons are said to be god-fearing!

With unlimited item stacking and combinations, you’ll be either be a warrior, more than a warrior, or someone no one has seen before. No one really knows!

The game is moving swiftly in development and should be released next Summer 2019 on STEAM and Nintendo Switch, other platforms to follow.

If you’re interested in keeping a close eye on the game’s development progress, keep watching this space.

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